We are proud to announce our new joint venture with Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators!


With it’s minimal footprint, quick installation and plug & play features, Vacuum Elevators are the ideal elevators for any Yacht & Marine Applications. With no pre-­construction pit, hoist way or machine room required, the vacuum elevator can travel 2-­5 Stops for any Yacht & Marine Application.

Could Your Boat Use a Lift?

Installing a boat elevator can make all the difference. Elevator lifts for boats not only drastically improve your moving time when transporting items from floor to floor but also adds prestige and additional accessibility for all guests onboard. Practicality and style meet as our Vacuum Elevators will elevate your standard of living and provide a space saving solution for any yacht.

Choosing and Installing a Boat Elevator

Installation requirements for a boat lift vary with the size of both your boat and the elevator. It is important to do diligent research to ensure you’re getting the right fit and model for your needs.

Before installing an elevator in your yacht, it is important to consider the aesthetics and utility of a boat elevator and how it can improve your overall yachting experience. An elevator for your boat is an upgrade that makes your boat or yacht easier to get around in and move supplies — not to mention how much it will impress your passengers. Best of all, our boat lifts take up a lot less space than you might expect and are fast and easy to install.

Boat Lift Maintenance

Maintenance is paramount when it comes to all aspects of owning a yacht, and elevator lifts for boats are no exception. Fortunately, per our certification, the only recommended maintenance for Vacuum Elevators is after 15,000 rides and is simply to replace the seal above the elevator cabin. While at sea, it is recommended to keep your user manual on hand for your crew members in case any maintenance issues arise.

Installing a boat lift may just be what your boat needs to comfortably navigate the high seas.

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